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Sponsoring learning at RPRY supports our school while allowing you to…

  • Commemorate a yahrzeit
  • Merit a zechut for a loved one’s refuah
  • Honor a parent, student, teacher, leader, or friend
  • Celebrate a simcha, such as a birth, birthday, bar/bat mitzvah, wedding, or anniversary

Your sponsorship will be displayed on the monitor in the RPRY lobby, highlighted in the morning announcements to the student body, sent out in an email to the RPRY community network, and included in the school’s weekly newsletter.

To participate in the program, please choose from the options below and enter the information in this form or online at

  • Day of Learning ($180)
  • Week of Learning ($540)
  • Reserved 10 Years of Learning ($1,000)

In appreciation of your sponsorship, those dedicating three or more Days of Learning, can dedicate one additional day as well. Please contact the Business Office (732-572-5052 x 214) with any questions.

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