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RPRY Annual Scholarship Campaign

The mission of RPRY, since its inception in 1945, is to provide stellar Jewish and general studies education, in the context of a day school program, to all Jewish children living in our area, without regard to the family's level of Jewish religious observance or affiliation, and without regard to the family's ability to pay the full cost of tuition. To enable us to continue to fulfill our mission, RPRY conducts an annual solicitation campaign for our Scholarship Fund. Many local families receive partial scholarship funds.  Please help every child afford the cost of an RPRY education by giving generously to the RPRY Annual Scholarship Campaign.

In celebration of our campaign, please join us at this year's RPRY Toby Mayer Memorial Scholarship Fund Breakfast, which will take place on Sunday, December 24, 2017. The Educator Excellence Award is being presented to Mrs. Elise Berlin.

As the demand for scholarship funds continues to rise, please consider increasing your annual contribution or making your first generous gift.  Thank you so much for your generous support and for helping RPRY attain its mission!

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RPRY Annual Scholarship Campaign 2017-18

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