About RPRY

About RPRY

There is a sense of excitement in the halls of RPRY. The love, warmth and deep friendships that define the school are as evident as ever, but this has been amplified as innovative programs and new initiatives have been put into place. Each program is designed to add meaning and educational value for our students. Whether it is our Davening with Depth curriculum to enhance our tefillah or the CAD and coding classes, our students are encouraged to become the best versions of themselves. Our overall goal is to instill in our students a love of Hashem, Torah, the Jewish people, and the Land and State of Israel

Our comprehensive social-emotional learning program, supported by a full team of professionals, focuses on giving our students the tools to grow and ensuring the ability for deep and meaningful learning. At RPRY, we believe that learning is a social transaction facilitated by expert teachers. Emotional management is required for learning. The harnessing of positive emotions such as joy, passion and curiosity, as well as negative emotions such as confusion, stress and disappointment to fuel learning is essential to genuine success. Setting goals, self-monitoring and self-reflecting are skills that can be modeled and practiced through hands-on and joyous experiences. Students can wrestle with challenges, make mistakes, regroup and try again.

Classroom teachers are supported in this by our groundbreaking Think Tank model. They collaborate with our specialists, ranging from engineering/robotics, advanced mathematics, reading intervention, limudei kodesh, PE, music, art, keyboarding, coding or chesed programs, to ignite the spark in every child. Our specialists work with both our gifted students as well as our students that require more support. This model promotes a zest for deep learning that is both purposeful and experiential.

Finally, this process is not possible without a collaborative relationship with parents. Children learn best when their parents and schools have a trusting relationship and work together. We encourage parents to partner with us to provide the space for their children to truly step into their greatness. As parents and educators, our children are lent to us by Hashem and it is our responsibility to give them the tools to have a genuine, trusting relationship with Hashem. We model and practice this with our children by encouraging healthy, prosocial classrooms, building a schoolwide community and practicing physical and emotional regulation skills.

This robust academic, social and Torah education sets our students up for success, not only at their chosen high school, but for the rest of their lives.

So, if you are asking, “What qualities should I look for in a school?” and your answer includes a school that is warm, nurturing, soul-stirring, rigorous, fun, experiential and connected to Hashem—then exploring an RPRY education is for you.

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