Names, Not Numbers© Screens at RPRY

Names, Not Numbers©  Screens at RPRY

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Hundreds of people poured into Rabbi Pesach Raymon Yeshiva on Thursday night. The eighth grade class completed their year-long Holocaust study program “Names, Not Numbers©,” culminating in the screening of a documentary of the experience. The project, Names, Not Numbers ©, created by educator Tova Fish-Rosenberg, took place at RPRY for the fourth year in a row. Over the year-long Click the photo to view the album of the eventproject, students created a documentary recording the oral histories of nine Holocaust survivors: Mrs. Margit Buchhalter Feldman, Mrs. Agnes Friedman, Mrs. Ruth Heilbron Gottlieb, Dr. G. Eugene Gottlieb, Mrs. Inge Katzenstein, and Mr. Sol Lurie.

Simultaneously, a documentary of this process was created by filmmaker Adam Chinoy, with excerpts from the students’ documentary, which was screened at the program’s final event. Woven throughout the project, the 8th graders researched their survivors’ stories, and learned filmmaking and interview techniques working with journalist Jeanette Friedman and filmmaker Chinoy.

“Names, Not Numbers© was the most amazing thing I have ever done,” eighth grader Neshama Rudnitzky shared, “it was an amazing privilege getting to sit down next to a survivor, talk to her, and hear her story first hand...The research process was very meaningful and interesting to me on a personal level.” Several students shared the meaningful personal connection they developed by doing the project, deepening their understanding of the Holocaust and living through challenging times as Jews. Student Adina Warschawsky spoke at the screening about learning from her interviewee, Mrs. Agnes Friedman, first hand about emunah through great difficulty; “there was no shortage of physical and spiritual resistance throughout Europe against the Holocaust, and in the end we prevailed, proving to the world that a little faith goes a long way in times of darkness. I have read about the faith that our people showed, and I have seen movies depicting that faith. But now I have met someone who herself used faith to survive; faith that God would save her, faith in our religion, faith that she would live to tell her story. Without faith, without emunah, we would not have survived.”

Eighth grader Yosef Shmuel touched on how the experience has become part of his mesorah, saying “how do we know the Torah is true? Because our parents told us, and their parents told them, all the way back to Moshe on Har Sinai. We are a part of a mesorah, a tradition, and now we have an obligation to teach our children. And this is how we know about the Holocaust. Mrs. Feldman told me her story. I will continue the chain and tell it to my children. I never met Moshe rabbeinu, and my children may never have the privilege of meeting a Holocaust survivor like I did. But they will have the mesorah to pass on to their children as well because I am a witness to the story.”

Many students additionally commented on how much they appreciated learning about filming and editing, feeling a great sense of ownership over the project. The documentaries are archived at the national library of Israel in Jerusalem, at Yad Vashem, and at the YU Gottesman Library.

“I know that we all share these emotions—pride and gratitude—when we think of the survivors who have given us a legacy to live up to...We all have the responsibility and privilege to make sure the world never forgets,” Head of School Rabbi Daniel Loew shared. The evening concluded with the singing of Ani Maamin.

RPRY gratefully thanks the Holocaust survivors who shared so generously with our students, Names, Not Numbers© and its creator Tova Fish-Rosenberg, and The Jewish Federation in the Heart of NJ. RPRY would also like to thank the many supporters who made the program possible:

Thank You to Our Donors

Susan & Moshe Wiesel

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Dr. and Mrs. G. Eugene Gottlieb  

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In honor of Mrs. Inge Katzenstein, Mrs. Agnes Friedman, Mrs. Ruth Heilbron Gottlieb, Mrs. Margit Buchhalter Feldman, Mrs. Inge Katzenstein, Mr. Sol Lurie.


Rochelle & Jerald Blum 

In honor of Erez Guzman, Claire and Melvin Blum.


Special Thanks To

Rabbi Daniel Loew, Head of School

Rabbi Joshua Einzig, Assistant Principal of Judaic Studies

Mrs. Chana Luchins, Assistant  Principal of General Studies

Penny Kaplan, Chanie Loew, Jodie Salit, Susan Wiesel - Coordinators

Nitza Adler, Rabbi Nachman Lapa - NNN Teachers

Rabbi Steven Miodownik - Emunah Session

Carlson Limerick, Emily Menasha - Student Reflections

Nia West-Williams, Dina Fahmy - Administrative Support

Tova Fish-Rosenberg - Program Creator, Producer

Dov Rosenberg - Producer

Adam Chinoy - Film Editor, Videographer, Instructor

Jeanette Friedman - Journalist, Interview Techniques

Dr. Paul Radensky - Museum of Jewish Heritage

Dean Rickard, Gene Wasserman, Eli Wiesel - Technical Support

Mark Stein, Rachel Stein - Photographers

Josh Fine, Ida Scheiner - Parent Liaisons

Mira & Psachya  Septimus

Congregation Ohr Torah

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