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What can RPRY offer my child? A world of academic opportunity in a warm, nurturing environment; an outstanding Torah and secular education under one roof. We invest in each precious child, as do you.

Here is how an RPRY education can nourish your child's mind, body and soul, and produce young adults who continue to make us proud:

Standards of Academic Excellence

RPRY is accredited by the Middle State Association of Colleges and Schools. All secular subject areas are aligned with State Standards and our detailed curriculum (available online at includes specific skill sets and requirements for each General and Judaic studies subject, at each grade level. RPRY's new math and science curricula integrate STEM Initiatives (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) and are aligned to the Common Core State Standards, as is RPRY's Writing Program. In our Gruss Science Lab for Grades 1-5, supported by the Center for Initiatives in Jewish Education, hands-on learning promotes a lifelong appreciation of the natural world and understanding of scientific method.

Reaching All Learners

No two students are alike. RPRY recognizes this wonderful axiom. Our professional staff works diligently with every student and his/her parents to promote academic success in accordance with the needs of each child. Our faculty is trained in Differentiated Instruction, integrating small group work and personalized learning into their lessons. Our partnership with Hidden Sparks helps teachers collaborate and develop strategies to reach each student. RPRY provides individual and small group instruction in our resource room and a comprehensive Special Services Department for Judaic and General Studies. In addition, we work with the Middlesex County Educational Services Commission to facilitate Supplemental Instruction, Speech/Language instruction, as well as remediation skills, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech therapy.

Harnessing Technology

At RPRY, the latest technology is used intelligently and carefully to elevate understanding, engage the mind, and track the individual progress of each student. Classroom Smartboards bring lessons to life with interactive games, interesting sounds and graphics, and video capabilities that enhance each lesson. Laptop and iPad instruction is utilized in both secular and Judaic studies, and our faculty has been trained in the latest apps and techniques. For our younger students, the Waterford and SuccessMaker online Math and Language Arts enrichment and assessment programs provide individualized instruction and immediate feedback for teachers. In Judaic studies, the Tal Am computer-assisted learning program has, likewise, provided the opportunity for individualized learning. At RPRY, blended learning is increasingly being utilized to personalize and enhance all learning.


The RPRY student is a caring person, and is consistently nurtured to value chesed. Younger students sing and dance at local nursing homes and bring smiles to others' faces. Students are taught that chesed begins within the classroom, with one's classmates and friends, and in the home with one's family. Older students are paired with younger ones as Homework Helpers and help staff school events, contributing to their smooth execution. Our students are constantly involved with fundraising campaigns for needs they have discovered and causes for which they are passionate. We support them and partner with them, as they become true Baalei Chesed. RPRY's partnership with Yachad and the National Council for Jews with Disabilities culminates in a Yachad Shabbaton each year, which transforms the lives of our students.


The power of song, dance, and dramatics enhance the RPRY learning experience and make an emotional impact on every student. Rosh Chodesh assemblies and sing-a-longs, pre-Shabbat and Yom Tov celebrations, talent shows, and a massive Shiriah on Chanukah are just a few of the opportunities we provide for the children's souls to emerge. The power of music is harnessed in the regular classroom setting as a pedagogical device. By the eighth grade, our students fully embrace their roles as Ruach Leaders, and inspire their lower school classmates in the process.

Social/Emotional Development

Our Guidance Department serves students of all ages, providing a forum for assessing the social and emotional needs of each child. "Menschlichkeit Time" and emotional management sessions promote sensitive behavior. Students are also taught to embrace opportunities for leadership: chairing committees, organizing events, and running for Student Council office. Our annual Maccabiah (Color War) further nurtures the leadership skills our students possess. These non-academic pursuits help develop students who are self-aware and confident in their abilities. RPRY has embarked on the BRAVE Bully Prevention and Social Emotional Leadership Program in partnership with Dr. Rona Novick of the Yeshiva University Institute for University-School Partnerships. RPRY has set a precedent of cultivating leadership, creativity, and sensitivity within its students.

Hebrew Language

Fluency in Hebrew is a cornerstone of RPRY's Judaic Studies curriculum. Conversational Hebrew is emphasized in every grade and at every level. RPRY students are Hebrew readers. Ivrit is the language of instruction in Grades 1-4 Limudei Kodesh and in Grades 5-8 language classes. Our Tal Am curriculum, with fully integrated books, activities, wall art, and computer-based programs, immerse our students in Lashon Hakodesh in a consistent and graduated manner, building and reinforcing reading and comprehension through each grade level. Special care is given to "kriah" (comfort and accuracy in Hebrew reading), with individual assessments that support instruction in each grade level. Differentiated instruction and enrichment opportunities dovetail seamlessly with our Ivrit curriculum.

Torah Achievement

RPRY promotes the value of "Talmud Torah K'Neged Kulam," giving students both the encouragement and opportunities to advance themselves in Torah study well beyond what is demanded in the classroom or would appear on a report card. These opportunities include Mishmar on Saturday nights and Wednesday afternoons, Chevra Shas for boys and Lunch 'n Learn for girls during lunch, Thursday night learning at the RJJ Yeshiva, Chidon HaTanach, and Torah incentive programs over Sukkot and Pesach. Our Boys and Girls Torah Bowl Teams compete against all the yeshivot in the tri-state area and have earned a string of recent league and division championships. We also celebrate the private learning achievements of our students, including those who complete Shas Mishnayot before graduating RPRY and those individuals who have begun studying Daf Yomi.

Eretz Yisrael

RPRY's heart beats with that of Eretz Yisrael. We are proud to be a bastion of religious Zionist thought and action. Our extensive Limudei Eretz Yisrael curriculum in Grades 1-8 fully immerses each student in the history, geography, and spiritual greatness of the Land of Israel from the time of the Avot through the modern era. From the youngest age, the RPRY student develops a personal connection to our homeland and an appreciation for the achievements of the modern State of Israel. Yom Hazikaron, Yom Haatzmaut, Yom Yerushalayim, and Yom Hashoah are incredible days at RPRY. Students experience the historical and emotional significance of these momentous events through plays, fairs, parades, artwork, music and tributes that linger in memory long afterwards. RPRY proudly marches in the Celebrate Israel Parade in New York, and is continuously cited by the parade committee for excellence in participation and organization. Parade participation is not mandatory for RPRY students; their understanding of the centrality of Eretz Yisrael in Jewish life inspires hundreds of our students to take part in this annual show of unity with Eretz Yisrael. The Zionist passion of RPRY is palpable; the soul of our school apparent.

Athletics and Physical Fitness

A healthy body, as well as a healthy mind, is important at RPRY. Creative and innovative physical education classes take place daily in Primer through 8th grade. We stress healthy eating and educate our students about healthy choices. Older students can compete in several regional sports leagues, at several different grade levels, including basketball and hockey, all with rigorous practice schedules. Our Girls' Basketball Team has earned the League and Division Championships for the past two years. For students interested in more, a vast array of sports activities, including soccer and basketball, are available in our stellar after-school program.

Not Just the Classroom

RPRY students learn through experience. They learn indoors and outdoors, in the playground and the gym. They learn how to research in the library, conduct experiments in the Gruss Science Lab, utilize software and apps in the computer lab, and express themselves graphically and in three dimensions in the art room. In Middle School, electives during the day include Art, Technology, Science Innovation, Music Appreciation, Art History, and more. Special school-wide activities include Health Fair, Science Fair, Art Fair, Literary Magazine, Law Day, Recycling Robot, and Understanding Finances. RPRY's outstanding after-school program, run in two "semesters" in the Fall and Spring, allows students to try activities they would otherwise never experience, such as cooking, magic, gymnastics, sewing, origami, and learning how to play various musical instruments. These small group experiences broaden the scope of the student's skills and allow individual strengths and interests to emerge.

Alumni Achievements

High school principals rave about the Midot and Menschlechkeit of RPRY graduates. Our students are consistently admitted to the high schools of their choice, and rise to the top of their high school classes, utilizing the skills and knowledge imparted at RPRY. It is no wonder that in the past five years, RPRY students were chosen to be the valedictorians of the following yeshiva high schools and universities: RTMA, TABC, MAYHS, Ilan, and Yeshiva College.

Parent Communication and Participation

We view chinuch as a three-way partnership between student, parent, and school, with each member's commitment of vital importance. RPRY parents are active participants in their child's learning. Teachers communicate classroom activities regularly through email and voicemail. Any parent concerns are promptly acknowledged and addressed. Parents have instant online access to report cards, interim reports, student schedules, and discipline reports through our Renweb student information system. Parents are invited on specific days to learn in class with their child and experience RPRY for themselves. Our PTA is a critical partner in RPRY's success, enhancing countless programs and activities through fundraising and volunteering.


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