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Middle School

Middle SchoolWelcome to the RPRY Middle School, a center of learning, inquiry and discovery. Our classrooms are alive with hands-on experiential learning, collaborative problem solving, and in-depth discovery. Our curricula are aligned with the Common Core Standards and we actively focus on preparing students for higher education and careers. The standards are designed to be robust and relevant to the real world, reflecting the knowledge necessary for success. By focusing on essential questions and big ideas, students are encouraged and coached to be independent thinkers and learners.

An integral component of the Middle School experience is our Student Activities. Students are encouraged to participate in Student Council, Yachad Shabbaton, Chesed Programs, Special Events, Eighth Grade Functions, Athletic Teams, Academic Competitions and more. Consistent with our school mission, these programs create opportunities for students to develop their middot, character, and sense of responsibility to themselves, their peers, and the greater community.

Our principle of Reaching All Learners involves an ongoing and vibrant process. Our teachers are professionally trained in Differentiated Instruction. Ongoing staff development focuses on building lessons that incorporate all learning styles and cater to the various needs within the classrooms. By maintaining small class size, and offering accelerated learning tracks and self-contained enrichment and support classes, we provide individualized opportunities for each student to grow and flourish. Distance Learning Elective Classes, weekly STEM classes, our new all-digital Social studies program , our cutting edge Science curriculum, our iPad cart, laptop cart, computer lab, two state of the art science labs.......all speak to our uncompromising standards of excellence and our resolve to produce Twenty-First Century learners.
We encourage you to come in and spend some time with may be compelled to stay!

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