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Lower School

IMG 0177 2Welcome to RPRY's Lower School, grades Kindergarten through 4, where children thrive and flourish in a loving environment and where learning is an active, joyful process. Our vision of excellence in every child inspires students to develop a personal vision of excellence for themselves. Walk into our classrooms and you will feel the excitement as students are guided to inquire, explore, and discover new learning and skills. Our dynamic curriculum and developmental programs are designed to stimulate the children's curiosity and creativity. RPRY teachers are committed to their own ongoing learning, empowering them to implement successful teaching strategies to reach every student through whole class interactive learning, small cooperative groups, and individualized instruction that utilize the teachers' personal knowledge of every student's learning styles, interests, and strengths. Hands-on activities, blended learning opportunities - combining traditional learning approaches with technology - and a focus on inquiry and building skills, provide a strong foundation for intellectual, creative, and social growth.

Our standards-based curriculum is dynamic, focusing on developing the knowledge and skills that will prepare all students to succeed while encouraging individual inquiry. Targeted learning objectives and multiple forms of assessments, such as student projects, presentations, reports, quizzes, and tests, offer students frequent opportunities to progress while guiding teachers to continually adjust and personalize their lessons.

At RPRY, learning is enriched and made relevant through integration and interdisciplinary units. For example, in the Judaic studies, students learn that our school vision reinforces living Judaism through our values, such as Torah im Derech Eretz: Torah is a guide to behavior in the world at large, where we are all challenged to live its teachings; B'Tzelem Elokim: all humans are created in the image of HaShem and as such we must treat each other with respect and dignity; Achdut Yisrael: the State of Israel is the Jewish Homeland; the Jewish People and its land are one; and Learning is an active, joyful, life-long process, aspiring towards excellence, which is important both lishmah, in itself, and l'ma'aseh, as applied in living Torah in the world. Students learn Hebrew as a living, communicative language, enhancing their understanding of traditional texts and contemporary Hebrew literature, and progressively developing their Hebrew communication skills.

In general studies integration takes many forms: reading and writing across content areas such as Social Studies and Science as well as through grade-level anthologies, chapter books, novels, and non-fiction sources; STEM units (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) integrating skills and knowledge to guide children to problem-solve as they tackle real-life challenges; writing activities that include persuasive, expository, and creative papers on various topics the children studied or that are relevant to them personally; experiencing health education units through physical education activities; studying individual artists to learn how to express their own vision of the world; and developing technology skills that support learning and personal expression in all subject areas..

Within the warm and nurturing environment at RPRY, students are encouraged to strive for and attain high levels of achievement, independent thinking, and ethical behavior.

Chaya Friedmann
Director of General Studies

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