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rprybuildingThe purpose of the school since its inception has been to provide a quality Jewish education (within the guidelines established by normative Orthodox halakhic standards) together with a quality general education, in the context of a day school program, to all Jewish children living in our area, without regard to the family's level of Jewish religious observance or affiliation, and without regard to the family's ability to pay. There is a policy of open admissions for all Jewish students who desire our program (and who do not have such severe disabilities as not to be properly serviced within the school). Academic ability, ability to pay tuition and level of Jewish religious observance or affiliation are not considered in admissions determinations. Financial aid is open-ended based on need.

kids03 smThe educational approach taken by the Yeshiva is a reflection of the dictum in Mishlei, Proverbs 22:6, chanoch2. This verse is usually translated "Teach a child the way he should go." A second interpretation is "Teach a child according to his way." Our objective is to teach our children "the way they should go" by providing them with a treasury of knowledge and Torah values. Our method is to teach each child "according to his or her way" by providing instruction geared to the individual needs of each child. At RPRY, we do not merely teach subjects---we teach children. The Yeshiva's goal is simply to provide quality in both Jewish and general studies, in a warm, caring environment where children are comfortable.

schecter4We believe in maintaining and improving teacher excellence through faculty in-service and other forms of continuing education. We are committed to keeping up with the latest proven methods of educational delivery, including technological innovations. We provide equivalent educational experiences and opportunities for girls and boys. The religious/philosophical orientation of the school (an intensive religious-Zionistic Ivrit b'Ivrit Jewish studies program together with the highest possible caliber general studies program) results in an admirable balance of students from different Jewish backgrounds. We wish to graduate young men and women who have a sense of their individual self-worth and their role as responsible members of society in general and the Jewish community in particular, a strong foundation of knowledge, a thirst for learning, an appreciation for American democracy, and a love for Torah, the land and state of Israel and the Jewish people. Such graduates are equipped with the tools and values necessary for further development and success in the future.

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