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Our Values

Torah MiSinai

The written Torah and the oral Torah are from HaShem.

Torah im Derekh Eretz

Torah is a guide to correct behavior in the world at large, where we are all challenged to live its teachings.

B'Tzelem Elokim

All humans are created in the image of HaShem and as such we must treat each other with respect and dignity.

Achdut Yisrael

The State of Israel is the Jewish Homeland; the Jewish People and its land are one.

Balanced Learning

Each student should receive both a quality Judaic and a quality general education.


All children are capable of learning.


All members of the Yeshiva community are partners in its mission.


All members of the Yeshiva community are responsible for their actions.


Learning is an active, joyful, life-long process, aspiring towards excellence, which is important both lishmah, in itself, and l'ma'aseh, as applied in living Torah in the world.

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