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History of RPRY

Born of a dream to rebuild Jewish education in the United States after the Holocaust, and built on the twin foundations of academic excellence and adherence to Jewish law, Rabbi Pesach Raymon Yeshiva (RPRY) was founded in 1945 as Moriah Yeshiva Academy by Rabbi Pesach Raymon. RPRY serves children aged 2 – grade 8. Preceding the existence of formal Jewish communities in Central New Jersey, it served as the integral community center for a broad range of the Jewish population. RPRY's purpose is to provide a quality Jewish and general education to all Jewish children. Each child at RPRY is valued, and treated with respect, care and sensitivity. Each RPRY student is inspired and engaged, takes pride in their accomplishments and shows leadership and initiative.

Our mission is to teach each child "according to their way" by providing instruction geared to their individual needs. RPRY, does not merely teach subject matter, RPRY teaches children. Under the banner of "challenging the mind and nurturing the soul," the Yeshiva's goal is to provide a stellar education in a warm, nurturing environment. The religious/philosophical orientation of the school couples an intensive religious-Zionistic Hebrew studies program with a high caliber general studies program. RPRY attracts a wide range of students from different Jewish backgrounds.

RPRY is committed to keeping up with proven methods of educational delivery, including technological innovations. Maintaining and improving teacher excellence, through faculty in-service and other forms of continuing education, is a priority.

Milestones include the moving to our current site in 1971, doubling of the student population and building an addition in 1978, beginning of a satellite pre-school program in East Brunswick in 1992, and a second expansion of the building in 1997. Recent reaccreditation with the Middle States Association is a great source of pride. The establishment of inter-mural varsity teams for boys and girls is another important milestone. Our students initiate charity fundraising projects, offer their free time for community service, and lead their own prayer and learning groups. RPRY takes pride in its small class size, homogenous grouping for selected subjects, blended learning models for content areas and individualized approach to teaching. The greatest joy at RPRY is celebrating the personal milestones of our students and cheering them on at each step they take towards living their lives with the values instilled in them at RPRY.

In 2010, the administration was restructured and a strategic plan was implemented to take RPRY further on its quest for excellence. Recent developments as per the strategic plan include: full curriculum mapping, aligned with the new Common Core Curricular standards; parent and student survey, eliciting feedback and suggestions; adoption of new, cutting-edge math and science programs and upcoming review of language arts and social studies programs; upgrades to art, music, library and dance programs, and bringing the arts to the students via special programming, events and field trips; and engagement of an external consultant for long term planning towards fiscal sustainability.

RPRY is unique in its function as a community school serving a number of New Jersey communities. Its administrators served on the Mayor's Educational Committee, are involved in the Non-Public School Advisory Committee and are engaged in Communities of Practice nationwide. A community focal point, the school hosts a weekly teen prayer group, regular community ball games and functions, and liaisons to community synagogues and organizations. Recognized as a bastion of excellence and improvement, we have been the recipient of grants from prestigious foundations and universities, and host to professional development workshops. RPRY is rich with traditions of family involvement, student appreciation and community building and sharing. A reflection of that success is the fact that our current enrollment includes 86 children of alumni and 13 alumni serving as staff members.

RPRY aims to graduate students with a sense of their self-worth and role as responsible members of society in general and the Jewish community in particular, a strong foundation of knowledge, a thirst for learning, an appreciation for American democracy, and a love for Torah, the land and State of Israel and the Jewish people. Such graduates are equipped with the tools and values necessary for further development and success. RPRY graduates consistently serve as class representatives and valedictorians in high school and university. Our graduates live RPRY dream, many serving in the Israeli Defense Forces and eventually settling in Israel.

RPRY is extremely proud of our academic excellence, track record of success, and unique vision for the future. We strive to give our students "roots and wings" – to instill within them pride in their heritage and personal accomplishments, while nurturing within them the ability to soar beyond their wildest dreams.

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