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Approach to Guidance Services

RPRY's guidance counselor focuses on the well-being and safety of students. He meets with students individually, and provides group instruction, aimed at providing students with self-help and reflective skills. He interacts with students on a regular basis, ensuring their success, happiness, safety and comfort at school. The guidance counselor also interacts with parents, and liaisons to therapists and mental health professionals. In addition, he conducts trainings and seminars for faculty, covering issues such as dealing with bullying and maintaining a calm, productive atmosphere in the classroom. Finally, the guidance counselor directs the Student Council and focuses on providing opportunities for leadership training and development of school spirit.

Services for Grades 1‐4

Menshlichkeit Times- Social Skills Program

In Grades 1-4, students receive formal instruction in distinguishing emotions and how one's emotional state affects one's behaviors. Topics of discussions include: anger management, how to gain friends and maintain those friendships, ways to increase happiness in our lives and the lives of others, helpful ways to deal with stress, how to handle those people who annoy us.

Look for the GOOD!

In Grades 1-4, we have developed and implemented the Look for the Good behavioral program. The rationale for the program is that the more one finds the good in others, the more positive one feels, and the more positive one feels, the easier it is to behave properly. Each student in Grades 1-4, must find something good in everyone in his or her class. At the end of the semester, students receive a certificate describing all of the good that their classmates have found in them.

Services for Grades 5‐8

Individual Meetings

All students in grades 5‐8 meet with our Guidance Counselor at least once a semester. This provides an opportunity for our students to establish a connection to the Guidance Counselor who serves as their advocate and confidant here in school.

Menshlichkeit Times‐ Discussions

In grades 5‐8, emotional well‐being discussions are held in our classes. These talks allow our students to learn from one another and ask questions of advice to address their concerns. Topics include: Learning to accept things that we do not like and ways to improve our life situations, how to set goals and enjoy the journey as we set out to achieve them, tools for stress reduction, enhancing one's relationships including: teacher‐student, parent‐child, siblings and friendships.

Special Programs Grades 5-8

RPRY provides a wealth of student programming throughout the year, for all ages. A few core programs include:

Maccabiah ‐During the week of Chanukah our school is transformed into a world of song and joy. Our students compete against one another in art, sports, drama and song competition. This program provides children with team building skills and leadership opportunities.

Student Council – students are elected by their peers to help initiate special programming for the upper school. Programs include: Chesed projects, Talent show, Rosh Chodesh celebrations and more. The Student Council learns how to work together as a group, to lead and listen to the concerns of their peers.
Yachad Shabbaton – Every year our 8th grade is privileged to spend a Shabbos with the Junior members of Yachad (The National Jewish Council for Disabilities). The Shabbaton allows our students to learn how to interact and become true friends with the members of Yachad. Alumni have commented that this weekend was the highlight of their 8th grade year.

7th grade boys chesed committee – This student initiated committee was founded by one of our 6th grade boys in order to enhance "Chesed" related activities in the classroom. The purpose of this program is for students to learn ways of caring for one's classmates and sensitivity training in caring for others.

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